XV Forum of European Cinema

(4-12 November 2010)

European Debut Section - The Regulations

European Debut Section is dedicated to the first and second time European directors. We want to give young (although the age is not the main criterion) filmmakers an opportunity to screen their feature films to large international audiences and wide recognition. Our ambition is to showcase the very best, original, fresh and promising filmmakers, which will create European cinema in future.

The films will compete for international Jury Award "Cristal Boat" (10 000 Euro) founded by President City of £ód¼ and Audience Award for the Best European Debut.

We are open to all European feature first or second time films. The film can be in any language, but subtitles in English are highly recommended to ensure the best judging. Note: Running time cannot be less than 60 minutes.

We accept films on the following formats: 35 mm, 16 mm, Betacam SP (PAL), Digital Betacam (PAL), HDcam: 24,25, 23.98, 29.97 (PAL I NYSC). At first however we need to have DVD screener or VHS for pre-selection. They will not be returned and will be added to the Festival's archieve. All prints in other formats will be returned by November 30th, 2010, the latest.

The submission deadline expires on August 31st, 2010. Please send your DVD or VHS screener on the following address:

Kino "Charlie"
European Debut Section
Ul. Piotrkowska 203/205
90-451 Lodz
Telefon: +4842 636 00 92
Fax:+4842 636 03 14

The prints should reach the Festival Office (the same address above) by October 15th, 2010

Important: If your film is chosen to be screened during XVth Forum of European Cinema we will need the following in order to compile the festival's catalogue:
  • A short synopsis in English.
  • Stills from the film
  • Photo of the director
  • Director short biography
  • Full list of artistic and technical credits
A selected film cannot be withdrawn from the programme after October 1st, 2010

The festival reserves the right to use all publicity materials both during and after the Festival

If any questions, please send it on email address: